Ayo AjisebutuA.Y. ZERO’s mission is to encourage individuals to be their best selves by behaving royally.

Royal nature is based on reason, social responsibility, personal freedom and equality between races, genders, and variations in sexuality.

And while true nobility comes from the inside, we believe having just the right thing to wear helps one take on the challenges at hand.




The Lioness roared to her children as they set out into the world, “Go, behave royally, and roam the world humbly! The world is yours and you deserve to live free!”

The linework between the jaw and front leg of the lioness creatively silhouettes a woman looking inside herself, a wise mother who knows true power comes from within. She encourages her children to express authenticity in the manner they live and dress, for the Lioness knows her children can grow to be even stronger than she.




Prince Ayo Manuel Ajisebutu moved from Nigeria to the United States to explore new worlds. Ayo believes royalty has a moral obligation to act with greater care, dignity, generosity than others. In his business, music, and creative endeavors.“Behave Royally” serves as an authentic blueprint throughout. Prince Ayo believes that royal behavior makes you socially attractive. And modern royal fashion gives you confident gravity.